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Tabasco for Personal



Tabasco® Chocolate voloria cus im incte plaboriberum alia dolupturerit lab ipsamusame sequiatibus dolupta tempos millecta aut aut qui dia cor simus quae re plam qui corrupture peratur asperit rerspellaut ex eum que non et, sa doluptatest audi tem.

3 Pack of Tins

Each 1.75 oz keep-sake tin contains 8 wedges of Spicy Chocolate. Packaged in a clear acetate box, this set makes a great gift for any occasion. 

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1 Gallon Paint Can with 144 Wedges

This presentation is always the hit of the party. The Paint Can contains 144 Individually wrapped TABASCO© Spicy Chocolate wedges. Great for any occasion and sure to create a buzz at the office or at any event. 

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12 Pack of Tins

Enjoy a nice burst of chocolate followed by a spicy tingly finish that lasts beyond the single wedge bite. Each tin contains 8 wedges. Each box contains 12 tins. The 12 pack is a great way to share the collectible tins with family, friends, and co-workers.

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12 Pack of Boxes

All the same great TABASCO© Spicy Chocolate flavor but packaged in an eco-friendly 'Theater Box'.  Each elegant and slender box contains 8 wedge (12 boxes to a sleeve).

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